Virtual enviroment

The user's avatar is in a virtual reality environment together with the instruments and voices of his favourite music, as if it were with the band in a real stage.

Promote your work

A one-of-a-kind opportunity for emerging artists and musicians, those who want to make the difference while promoting their work.

Listen to music
In a new way

Your playlists will become portals to unexplored interactive dimensions.
Instruments and voices in a virtual enviroment space.

Amazing 3D Sound

It is not like binaural beats or binaural audio files you can find in the web... It is listening to songs as if you were there... in a real life scenario!!!

Walk inside
the music

We wanted to walk inside the music, we did it!. With the 6DOS you will be teletransported to a crazy, fun and amazing new world..

Do you love music?

This is for you! "It is as if the instruments were really there, a wonderful sensory experience!" Be ready to expand your musical horizons.

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